How to choose the best Humidifier

The cold and the dryness in winter are really harmful factors which cause diseases and dehydration of your skin. Therefore, putting a humidifier is the best way to increase the moisture for the air you breathe in order to protect not only your health and your skin but your pet and other household furniture. And before purchasing the best humidifier, you need to consider some things including which types of humidifier, how large its capacity and cool mist or warm mist, etc.


1. Types of humidifier

  • Ultrasonic humidifier: It is a device using metal diaphragm vibrating in high frequency to break water into micro particles of mist. Then a fan will be used to blow the mist into the air to provide humidity for your room. The cool mist ultrasonic is the best to kill the bacteria, allergies and pathogens, while the warm mist one offer a good temperature to the room to protect you from cold, flu or sore throat. Ultrasonic humidifier is one of the top innovative types with various functions and silent sound when operating. Especially, the ultrasonic diffuser can be both a humidifier and an essential oil diffuser.
  • Evaporative humidifier: It works by using a filter wick or pad to absorb the water in a reservoir and change them into fine mist and finally disperse them into the air by using a fan. Evaporative humidifier only produces cool mist, but it is able to raise the humidity in the room really quickly and also it can self-regulate. Therefore, it is very effective in combatting against bacteria, dust, viruses to purify the air. It makes some faint noise because of the fan operation.
  • Air-washer humidifier: this type has ability to humidify and clean the air at the same time without filter. A rotating disc is put inside the device to both remove all the bacteria, dust, pollen, odors, etc. and add moisture to the room. It is a great and useful humidifier with self-regulating evaporation system. In addition, it is designed an Ionic Silver Stick to prevent microbial development in the water container.

2. Sizes

There are diverse humidifiers with different capacities to meet the requirement of a small area in the room, a single room or the entire house. In sort, there are three main size groups you need to consider:

  • Portable/toptable humidifier: it is the best for single room with small area such as bedroom. This group also has super small size which is very suitable to carry away, for example when you travel and need moisture in your car or small area.
  • Room humidifier: this type can provide humidity to the whole large room of 650-1200 square feet such as living room, playroom.
  • Whole-house humidifier: this type has enough capacity to humidify the whole house. The house‚Äôs ideal area should be 1700 to 2700 square feet.

3. Cool mist or warm mist


The choice of warm mist or cool mist completely depends on personal predilection. The cool-mist humidifier can create fine micro mist and low-temperature moisture into the air. It is great in purify the air and kill harmful factors such as bacteria and pathogens. Warm-mist humidifier, on the other hand, provides soothing effect which is very great in the cold winter or for people suffering cold or flu or physical pains. Both of them are equal in moisturizing ability and have similar amount of humidity providing into the room. Some ultrasonic humidifiers contain both cool and warm regime.

4. Others

  • It is better to buy a larger size humidifier than you think you need because humidifiers on the market are usually cover an area less than the number written on the label.

Humidity over 50% can cause dust mites and mold. Therefore, you should set the moisture level under 40%.

  • The level of humidity is impacted by the outdoor temperature. If the outside temperature reduces, you should refill the humidifier more often.

You should choose the humidifier containing removable parts so that it can be easy to clean up

  • The whole-house humidifier and the warm-mist humidifier usually require more running cost, but they can be used to replace the furnace.
  • Mineral Dust: Some humidifiers can leave a thin white film of dust on your furniture after a few hours of keeping the unit running. This is known as mineral dust which can bring negative effects for your health. Thus, you should make sure that the humidifier that you choose does not disperse any kind of mineral dust.
  • Automatic shut -down: you should buy the humidifier having the automatic shut-down function to automatically stop working when the water runs out.
  • Noise: some evaporative humidifiers make some buzzing noise when they operate, while ultrasonic humidifiers do not. If you cannot stand if there is any sound when you sleep, you should purchase ultrasonic ones. But normally the sound cause by humidifier is not too loud, so it is okay with some people.

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